rberaI consider value what is worth nothing tomorrow, and what is worth little today.

(Erri De Luca)

Another great Piemonte vine, another great aspect of the Gabutti vineyards. A classic Barbera, feminine in its generosity and masculine in its posture. It is characterised by a distinctive acidity which sustains softness and fruit, and delivers a vibrating tasting experience until the long finale. The wine gives the impression of partial incompleteness, of continuous change; like all the red wines with strong character it takes its time to unveil its potentiality, character, and pleasures. We have always indulged with its attitude: we bottle and sell it only when the right moment has come, and in the best-suited way. Needless to say, only a natural conduct and the artisanal attitude enable us to produce an authentic Barbera, always recognisable but never identical, familiar yet surprising thanks to the ability to evolve as a narration, where the years take the place of the pages.