The History

150 years of my family's history


    The story of our vineyard begins with my great-great-grandfather, the notary Filippo Cappellano
  • THE 1900s

    In 1889, at the Paris Universal Exhibition, Giovanni Cappellano's vineyard won a bronze medal

    Teobaldo ran the company, totally changing its structure: the utmost attention to quality

    I received, when I was still a child, the honour and the duty of continuing the story of Barolo Chinato Cappellano

The Philosophy

These values translate into an activity respectful of the land and of its offerings

  • Tradition

    During the years we have been sometimes added, for various reasons, to the ranks of the “traditionalists”
  • Revolution

    A revolutionary or nonconformist attitude seems to be inscribed in the genes of the Cappellano patriarchs
  • Anarchy

    I would like to indulge with memories now because the term “anarchy” is inseparable from my father
  • Counterlabel

    I think of my hills as an anarchic plot of land without inquisitors or opposing factions