The Barolo Chinato: The Pleasure

We typically reply to congratulations and thanks with the words “it has been a pleasure” or “my pleasure”. When it comes to Barolo Chinato which is first and foremost made for the pleasure of those who drink it, these words really go beyond the formalities and become reality.

With Barolo Chinato, my pleasure lies in feeling surrounded by aromas while I grind the spices with the pestle; it lies in following a rite which belongs to my personal history as well as to the history of those before me; it lies in the trials and experiments while keeping faithful to the gestures and to the recipe, and finally including all this in each individual bottle. With Barolo Chinato, my pleasure lies in reading off the surprise on the faces of those who come to the cellars and taste it for the first time; it lies in opening my grandfather’s bottles and tasting how our aromatic wine evolves in elegance as years go by while preserving its kaleidoscopic sensations. I owe this joy to the small production which we have resolutely maintained, and which enabled us to remained proud artisans. I have only one, only too human a sorrow... that I cannot taste my bottles in fifty years, and see what it is like. But we are working on it.

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